Kitchen remodeling is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, and make this common gathering space more functional, efficient and beautiful.
A bathroom is more then just a functional space, it is as interesting and decorative as any room in the household. It is a great opportunity for an expression in style and individuality. Borter Z concentrates in modern bathroom designs that provide comfort and beautiful finishes.
Transform your unfinished barely used or previously finished basement into a comfortable space that can be enjoyed in any occasion. Finishing a basement is a great way to expand room in your home.
New Addition
Expanding your living space can be a problem. Additions are a great solutions that allow you the flexibility of choosing what the extra space will become. At the end an addition should not feel or looks like an add-on but a complement to the design that functions as a part of the original house.
New Construction
Borter Z provides complete project overview for new constructions. From demolishing the old house to finishing the new one we will take care of all aspects of construction, especially if you’re a property buying company.